Frequent Questions

Do I have to be gay to play?
No! The Heroes are a gay and inclusive team. As long as you’re willing to train hard, play hard, and believe in the team values, you’re welcome to come along!

Do I need to be experienced?
No! One of our major goals is to help develop players that are new to rugby in an environment where they can be themselves and are encouraged. We have players that have been in the game for decades and others that have been in the game for weeks.

How fit do I have to be?
Rugby is a physically and mentally challenging game, but one of the great things is that you get fit while you learn. Don’t worry if you feel you’re not fit enough yet – you’ll get in shape quick smart!

Is it too late to join?
No! Please just contact us or fill out the online registration form or swing by training on Wednesday night at 250 Westminster Street, Mairehau from 6.00pm to join in the fun.

Where are the Heroes based?
We are incredibly proud and grateful to be affiliated with the Christchurch FC Rugby Club in Christchurch.
The Christchurch Football Club, with its home at Christchurch Park, has played the game we now know as rugby longer than any other club in New Zealand and is the second oldest in the world after Blackheath. We have had 32 All Blacks from our club since it was founded in 1863 and is the oldest football club in New Zealand. We have produced All Blacks and contributed to winning provincial teams for over 115 years.

What grade do the Heroes play in?
At present we are playing in the Canterbury Social grade. We are looking to move into a higher grade in the coming years, but we trust the experience in this grade will be incredibly enjoyable, and helpful in developing players who are new to the game.

Are there any tournaments the Heroes enter?
Yes, absolutely! It is our intention to play in the Purchas Cup which is kind of like the Bledisloe Cup of gay and inclusive rugby. Every two years there is also the Bingham Cup, which is widely referred to as the Gay Rugby World Cup. So there are certainly plans for the future.

Can Women Play?
As it stands the team has to follow the national and local rules which say that rugby teams must be separated by gender. Christchurch FC has a very strong women’s team who are always looking for new members and we will gladly put you in touch with the right people.

What Will It Cost?
There will be a cost of $50 for the shorts and socks which will be yours to keep. There is a club sub which will come as the season begins however we are actively pursuing sponsorship for this as well and expect to have more information for this in the coming weeks.